Griefhelm - Introduction


Griefhelm is a dueling game like Nidhogg, with a 3-directional combat system and stylized flat-shading.

The game is at a very early stage of development

Since this is a solo project I will be speaking in first person. The Blocking/Stance system allows you to choose your stance seamlessly with the Right Stick and block in that direction. Whenever you want to deliver an attack you simply press Right Trigger and you'll attack based on your current stance (e.g. Blocking Up -> Overhead Slash). Here you can see an exchange in slow-motion:

The Seamless Stance Control (shown below) allows blocking incoming hits with an error margin (in terms of blocked direction versus incoming attack direction) that will be tweaked based on community feedback since this aspect will be crucial to gameplay.

It is also worth mentioning that I already added some IK so the game looks decent from the start Smiley:

And, finally, in all duels, someone needs to die :D, Hence... Some good ol' death animations:

I will upload a small demo of the combat system in a couple of weeks! Hope you guys are interested! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! :) Cheers! JDL


Griefhelm - Combat System Prototype
Mar 03, 2018

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