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Griefhelm is a tactical dueling game with stance-based combat. Attacks are made either high, middle, or low, and defenders must respond in kind. The game can be learned in a few minutes, but advanced moves, timing, ground control, and killer instincts will keep you honing your skills on the battlefield.

Play against bots, friends, or strangers in both local or online battles. Prove you deserve to die your final death. The Last Battle waits for thee!


  • Tense, stance-based combat that is simple to learn but satisfying to master.
  • Create your own tournaments for local multiplayer.
  • Defend the gates of Death in 4-player local or online multiplayer battles.
  • Cast down your foes and earn the right to their weapons and armor.

Can you hear the clamor of the never-ending horde?
Can you feel the thunder of an army in stampede?
Can you banish fear and hold the line and draw your sword?
Then, brother, the Last Battle waits for thee!

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I think this game would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch 4 players, 4  joycons,  a good party game. i hope to see this game go that far.

Thanks Guys the Demo was great.

Cannot wait for the full release!!

Duels are super intense. Game manages to capture the tension of PvP even with bots - and actual PvP is epic.

Need this game in steam!

Needs some time to "ferment", otherwise a decent game!

Amazing game, I love it. If online was active, i would spent 30 bucks on this game. So good!