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A big THANK YOU to Spudcats for this awesome Video!


Griefhelm is a dueling game like Nidhogg, with a 3-directional combat system, meaning that you will need to chose the direction of attack and to avoid getting hit, you'll need to block in the correct direction, or dodge the hit by simply moving (this won't always be an option though).
There are three attack directions (Up: Overhead Slash, Mid: Slash, Down: Thrust). The directional blocking is done through a stance system. For example, if the player is in the stance with the sword up, he'll block incoming overhead slashes. The game in its current state has no menu, no options, no AI, and no audio, except for an explosion sound each time a hit is delivered. There is only a test map and two players.


Walk/Run ________ Left Stick / WASD Keys
Jump ____________ Left Shoulder/Bumper / Spacebar
Crouch __________ Left Trigger / Left Ctrl
Stance/Block_____ Right Stick / Arrow Keys / Right Mouse Button + Direction
Attack*___________ (while in a stance) Right Trigger / Right Ctrl / Left Mouse Button + Direction

*Right Stick Up + Right Trigger: Overhead Slash  
Right Stick Left/Right + Right Trigger: Mid Slash  
Right Stick Down + Right Trigger: Thrust


The game will feature up to 4 local players and online multiplayer.  Wide variety of maps and procedural maps. Player customization and unlockables. 
Game modes: Tug of war (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2), Duel (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2)


Different classes. Castle assault Game Mode (5 vs 5). Singleplayer/Co-op Campaign.


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Griefhelm 0.4.4

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