Finalizing the combat prototype

Download the Prototype here!

Finally got the chance to make some friends play Griefhelm. I didn't expect it yet, but they had good genuine fun! :) But besides the laughing and mocking of the opponent, the game wasn't creating an appropriate atmosphere for the duel. Had to intervene immediately!

Cloth Simulation

The first thing I added was some cloth simulation. No knight can look fancy with a rigid surcoat, and I'm really happy with the obtained results. As you can see below, the knight on the left is somewhat sexy :)


Ok! The death animations worked... But only if the opponent died on a flat surface. In other cases, in which death occurred while jumping or standing near a ledge, the effect was simply awful. Therefore, I went in and added some blending with a Ragdoll during death. Below you can see that previously declared sexy knight miserably falling to his death in an almost acrobatic fashion. I think it looks pretty cool


Finally, the most important thing that was limiting the atmosphere was, of course, the complete absence of audio. I now added Music and sword swing, hit, and parry sounds.

Sword Swing and Hit Audio + Music - Indie DB

Parry Swing and Hit Audio - Indie DB

Cheers, JDL

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